Using Procreate for Illustration

I was first introduced to procreate last year at an illustration workshop I was at. Each illustrator had to show and tell a piece of artwork. Most of us in the room painted and hand drawn our illustrations, but there were two ladies sat at the table with no art materials, or artwork falling out of folders like us. They sat there looking tidy and professional with their iPad Pro’s and apples pencils clicked on the side. When it was one of the ladies turn to show their artwork, I was completely surprised by the realistic look of her art. The brush marks looked like she created a ink wash, and subtly illustrated her characters with pencil. The tutor holding the workshop, looked at me and said she would never use Procreate, as its against her beliefs as an artist, but I felt very curious. I have always created my artwork by hand, and love getting my hands stained with gouache and oil pastel, but sometimes it is convenient for the client and myself to draw something faster and digitally. Especially If the artwork needs to be printed the next few days.

My first step to creating an illustration on Procreate, was to download the app onto my iPad pro, then purchase the Apple Pencil at my nearest Apple store. The pencil is quite an investment, but it has been very good. I purchased the Bluetooth pencil that charges and connects to the side of the iPad.

The next step was to experiment with all the brush strokes on Procreate. By opening a screen size document, I used the pencil to create strokes and samples. I personally select drawing tools that are closest the art materials I use in my original artwork. The reason I do this, is because I don’t want my illustration portfolio to look mismatch. This is also the same for colour palettes. Keeping a limited colour palette allows your portfolio to become stronger. I do sometimes add new colours but my go to colours tend to be the same.

‘Nurturing Creativity’ is an illustration I recently finished drawing on the iPad, using Procreate. As your can see in the video, I used one layer to sketch in pencil a rough layout of the illustration. The second layer is added for the colouring part. to upload your Procreate video, you go to the ‘spanner’ icon on the left, select share and click on image or video.

Here is the final illustration. The drawing tools I used to create this illustration were; 6b pencil, oil pastel, Eaglehawk drawing tool and Copperhead. I use these tools because they create similar textures to my original artwork.

I hope you have found this post useful and if you are mistreated in seeing ,ore of my artwork live, I have an Instagram feed you can follow here:



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