Travels Around The Caribbean Island Of Antigua

A few weeks ago before the world went on 'shut down', I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Antigua and Barbuda that had been booked in-advance for a year. Throughout my time there, I kept an art journal on my iPad Pro and used Procreate drawing app to document my discoveries and inspiration.

I enjoy drawing still life and depicting my surroundings such as objects, animals, rooms in houses, plants and pattens. One of the first illustrations was inside the villa we were staying at. I used shapes of plants from outdoors to create a pattern on the curtains and bedding. Picking up textures from objects in the room, such as the woven wooden chair and shiny floor tiles.

The colour palette I decided to use was inspired by the main colours I could see around me. Some plants had mustard yellow veins and shapes on them. The sky and ocean was such a bright blue. Plants, trees and hedges were a dark olive green, because of the climate being so hot, they seem to dry out quite a bit.

Antigua has lots of birds that are very friendly and mad about drinking from glasses that are left out on the table. If you leave your drink out on the table for more than 5 minutes, I can assure you that you will come to find a group of mischievous birds having a hay day!

One of my favourite bird discoveries was the common black bird. They have very pointed beaks and their golden yellow eyes stand out against their black shiny feathers.

During my trip I spent time snorkelling and I began to dream about diving with giant blue whales in the deep ocean. This is something I would never do, but I liked the idea of creating an illustration about swimming with one, and going on a journey. This illustration below is called, ''Diving Into The Deep Blue'.

One of the days during my stay, I went for a walk one afternoon. The sky was setting into a peachy blue tone and the birds were singing their birdsong. I usually take my camera wherever I go incase I get some inspiration for a drawing. I discovered this quiet spot, which was a closed down private bay, that had a jetty right down to the shoreline. I sat down on the top steps and took some photographs and meditated listening to the sounds around me.

This illustration is called 'Quiet Spot' and is inspired from that memory.

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