The Art of Seeing

Responding through illustration to an article in Flow Magazine about “The Art of Seeing” written by journalist Renate Van Dee Zee

I have been working on my illustration portfolio the last few weeks, and always taking inspiration from people and places, or magazine articles I have read. This illustration is based on an article by Flow Magazine in last months issue, about The Art of Seeing’ by journalist Renate Van Dee Zee. She discusses how we should look at artwork, by bringing focus to smaller details, such as animals, brushstrokes or colour. We can take those small details and research into them, or look out for those details in other things away from art. We start to create our own journey from what we have learnt, bringing those elements into our day to day life.

I like this quote particularly from the article, “art can teach us to look through the eyes of a child again”. I can agree with this, because my daughter certainly brings my attention to the present moment, without all the mind chatter.

In this illustration I added lots of little details and history about who I am. Taking inspiration from my home town and the article from Flow Magazine. I wonder what you clues you can see?

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