Staying at Home Series

Sharing a series of four illustrations inspired by life in quarantine at home.

During this time of lock-down we have all been given the opportunity to get creative and develop some artwork. I created my own brief for these drawings to express what I feel and see around me, during this period in lock down.

I have been fortunate enough to live on a river, so I have time to people watch and do some observational drawings. There is a field that runs on the other side of the river, and the wild flowers are starting to come up and create lots of nice colour, to inspire my work.

In these drawings show the field and River Wey across from my house. I have drawn the view from looking out from the bottom of my garden, where you can see all the way up the river, and watch people taking their exercise for the day. I have also drawn the view from the top floor of my house, and its from here you can see how the landscape creates sections that appear to form a pattern.

From my background in fashion and print design, I guess it has become a habit to look for pattern in all sorts of things, so you will see from my drawings I bring the details of things to the forefront, to immerse the viewer into the scene.


Top left: Walks along the Wey

Top right: View from the Window

Bottom left: Bedroom View

Bottom Right: Relaxing on the Snuggler

All the drawings were made with oil pastel, coloured pencil and carved into with a dry point etching tool. Paper size A4 (21 X 29.7cm)


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