Staying at Home: Feeling like a three headed Hindu goddess

Since Boris Johnson announced all Brits must stay at home, I felt a sudden wave of fear pass me, of how the outbreak of Coronavirus is getting real, and infecting people local to where I live, which is very scary.

I collected my daughter from school on the Friday, and neither of us knew when we would be returning. I was given a full time schedule from the school, which when I sat down and created a weekly timetable, my partner and I were fully loaded with a 8.30am - 4.30pm rota, and that's just for my daughters schooling alone. At that moment I was wondering how I was going to achieve everything!

The first week of schooling is done, and I can say, I have become a three headed Hindu goddess, which represents, mother, teacher and friend.

As a mother, I comfort and love my daughter and support her with all that I can. I have adopted the role of a teacher, where I must retain the mothering role and give her space to be independent with learning, but step in to offer help and education. On break times, I try to get some emailing or get ahead of some cooking, but I end up playing in the garden, because she feels lonely and has no playmates.

All of this work is hard but good for the soul. It pushes us beyond belief but these roles teach us a lot of who we are.

Through these times of uncertainty, I believe it is important to be there for one another. On a work side of things, I have figured out that if I'm home schooling my daughter, then I'm just doing that. When it's my partners day to teach, then I devote my whole day to my illustration business. Otherwise, doing too many things at the same time will just leave you feeling frustrated.

The below illustration I painted recently is inspired by my new roles. Its is called, "Mother, Teacher, Friend". It is painted using gouache and oil pastels on acid free cartridge paper, 29.7 x 21.0 cms.

The print design used on the illustration was inspired by the prints on the clothes, my daughter and I were wearing the first week I was home schooling her. I love heavy knitted sweaters and my daughter loves to wear clashing printed clothing. The colour blue is heavily featured in this artwork, because the sun was shining all week, and the sky was crystal blue, with no aeroplanes in the sky. It made everything seem a lot easier!


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