Once Upon a Time There Was Once a Busy Town

Since England announced lock down, the busy streets once hustling with fruit and vegetable market stalls have disappeared. That Monday morning coffee after the school run, where I would get 30 minutes of peace to be alone and read my emails has gone.

If our fridge at home is looking bare, we have to build up the courage to go out to the super market to fetch what we need. People have human anxiety, where we once used to encourage human touch and togetherness. Now to receive some outside communication we do this over Zoom. Thank god for Zoom and online resources for us to reconnect.

I know one day our streets will be busy again with those old familiar faces, and we will be able to reunite with our friends and family for that cup of coffee in our favourite coffee shop.

There are many changes we have had to make quickly, and to say positively I spent too much money and time on things I didn't need. I enjoy a homemade cup of coffee sat at my kitchen table. I use my time wisely and creatively around the house. I read magazines, books and learn new things. Recently I started learning to play a Kalimba, that I purchased many months ago hoping to find time to play it, and now I do.

"Ghost Town" Illustration of Guildford town, England. By Erin Donohoe

Once our towns become busy again with people and businesses, it is important to support the independent shops, cafes and local art stores, because after this devastation those businesses will need our support to grow again.

I know for sure we will get back on our feet again, we just need to believe and hope this virus will not defeat more lives. Everyday we must remember those who have passed away and the doctors and nurses that have risked their lives everyday to protect us.


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