Little Richard, The King of Rock n Roll

A Tribute to Little Richard.  December 5, 1932 – May 9, 2020

Father of Rock and Roll music and famous singer and pianist behind “Tutti Frutti,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” and “Long Tall Sally”. 

One of 12 children and born in Georgia December 5, 1932. He devoted many of his young years learning the piano because he wanted to become a star. He continued to keep himself to his music because he wanted to help his mother with his 12 brothers and sisters, and persisted with it becoming one of the most legendary people in the music industry. 

Billy White known as ‘The Prince of the Blues’ was a great inspiration to Little Richard for his style and fashion. He would wear a green suit with green and gold shoes and had a perfectly smooth complexion. It was from this experience Little Richard started to experiment with makeup and fashion, creating his own unique style. He would say, “he was a pretty, pretty man”. Quoted from an interview with Little Richard and Tom Snyder 1997

Little Richard's stage persona was very glamorous and adrogenous. He would wear tassels, sequined tight fitting outfits with makeup and eyeliner. 

I love this quote I read on GQ Magazine by Little Richard,  “Little Richard said on The Dick Cavett Show in February of 1970, “and I am the best looking man in this business, without any doubt. I’m very, very beautiful. And I’m not conceited. I’ve never been conceited—I’m convinced...that I’m the best-looking thing.”

Through the portrait of Little Richard I want to project his beauty and eccentric persona. He was not afraid to express himself and even though I never personally met him, he was probably the type of person that everyone would feel such joy being around his presence. 


"Little Richard"

Oil pastel, gouache and coloured pencil on paper

210 x 148mm


This mini portrait is celebrating one of the greatest musicians that has ever lived, 'Little Richard'. He was and still is an inspiration to many. With his vibrant fashion style and love for glitter and tassles and his very extrovert character on stage, he will never be forgotten.

All Erin’s art is about reflecting sub-cultures from the past and today. She draws all her illustrations in her pastel naive art style and calls her portraits, “Pastel people”.



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