Immersed in Blossom Trees - Lock-Down Memoir

Earlier this week when I was upstairs in my bedroom, I looked outside my window and saw a neighbour outdoors photographing the beautiful pink blossom trees. He was fully immersed with their beauty, photographing them in all kinds of angles. It was truly beautiful to witness.

From becoming a witness of this beautiful moment, I became in-tangled with that moment too, and started to pencil sketch the trees and the photographer.

In my illustration called, "Man Immersed in Blossoms" (of course!) I wanted to bring out all the detail of the shapes of the grass, flower buds and colours that surrounded the gentleman. By doing this the person viewing the art would hopefully become immersed with that memory, which is shared.

Erin Donohoe is a painter and illustrator from Guildford. She is currently blogging about her experiences of lockdown from her home. Both visually with her art and through this blog. If you would like to collaborate with her you can email her directly.


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