Illustrating Guildford Town, England

Guildford town, is my home. Like many towns they can feel very cloned with the same shop chains and eateries. Without adventure we can end up walking down the same roads and ignore what's beyond the consumerist attractions. Guildford is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and views from the town centre. In the centre is a medieval castle that was once occupied by King Henry III of England and his wife. The town sits beside the River Wey and a little bridge at the bottom of Guildford leads to the river, where you can sit by the riverside and enjoy a picnic.

My illustration was hand-drawn using Procreate drawing app on the iPad. When creating original art, my chosen art medium are oil pastels and coloured pencils. The colour palettes are bright and lifting, mainly in primary and secondary colours. On Procreate there are options to use oil pastels and I matched my Caran d'Ache pastel shades close as I can, to keep my illustration style consistent.

In the illustration I included shops and places I enjoy visiting in Guildford, they are not in realistic order, but I created my own version of the town, with the steep hills and landscapes in there background.

My style of drawing has very much been inspired by artists such as Christopher Wood and L.S. Lowry, who were English painters. Even though Christopher Wood's painting style is much more detailed, both artists adopt an untutored way of painting, that I find very freeing and expressive.

Below I have included an animation of my illustration, so you can watch the process and me at work. I went through many techniques before reaching this final drawing.



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