Art Challenge! Draw A Portrait Everyday for 2 Weeks

Hi this is Erin here! I was thinking to myself as it’s lockdown and we are spending a lot of time in our homes, it is important to keep our minds stimulated during this period, so what’s better than starting a new hobby, like art! So I decided to come up with a challenge for you to draw a portrait everyday for two weeks. Yes, that's right! It can be drawn using pencil, pen, paint, collaged or sculpted, it really is up to you! After the two weeks I will choose my favorite portrait and the winner will receive a pastel portrait from me.

Each day, I will add some ideas to the task board to help you to stimulate those creative juices. I know they're in there somewhere!

What you need to do:

Click on this link to the challenge:

Download the WIX app onto your phone. Its absolutely free and you can interact with me on there and see the daily tasks, to help give you ideas for your drawings. Please email me your portraits by 12am on 14th May. I will announce the winner on the 16th May at 6pm. Email me, Don't forget to tag your artwork to my Instagram: @erin.donohoe


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