Born in Hampshire 1983, Erin Donohoe is an artist and fashion designer. ​

Erin is an artist, designer and illustrator. She has worked in London, in fashion since 2008 and was head designer for 8 years, working for clothing label Sofia & Saint. She has made many surface print designs and illustrations for WWF UK, (Wildlife Fund for Nature) and she has produced her own ready-to-wear accessory collections. In 2019 she became a finalist for the Womankind Magazine Art & Illustration award.

Erin lives and works from her home studio in Guildford, Surrey. 

Artists Statement


My art style is ‘naïve’, and I want to evoke freedom of expression, that is light and may bring a sense of joy to thew viewer. Drawing line, faces and shapes without precision and control, challenges the ideologies of perfectionism. The result is freedom of expression and innovation.


The materials I use for my artworks are a wide range of mixed media. However, oil pastels, coloured pencils are dominant throughout my drawings. I like to use a dry point etching tool for scratching into the layers of the oil pastel, to reveal underlayers of colour and texture, for instance on clothing for a portrait.


My artwork is bright and detailed with pattern, which is reflective of people, places and everyday objects that tell a story.


Through my art works, I want to create a world where perfectionism is obsolete, and originality is ever-present.



September 2020

'An Afternoon at the Barbican' series of 4 illustrations featured

in 'Support Magazine'.

"Pastel People Portraits featured in 'Spokenword Scratch Night Zine' 

April 2020

"Quite Spot" illustration used for Womankind magazine website

September 2019

"Chloris Goddess of Flowers" illustration printed in #022 Spain edition


October 2019

Finalist for Womankind Inaugural Illustration Award October 2019. Featured Chloris Goddess Of Flowers gouache painting in November issue of Womankind Magazine.


October 2020

'Making Matters and Guest Artists' 5 week art and design exhibition and pop-up shop, Lion and Lam Yard, Farnham.

September 2019

'The Barbican' oil pastel illustration of the Barbican selected for Chelsea College of Art Short Courses Exhibition. 

Interview with Erin Donohoe can be viewed here.

Artist In Residence

October 2019 - January 2020

Erin has been invited by Woking College Of Art and Design to be their A.I.R. Developing her new collection of illustrations inspired by 'Hope' for exhibition at The Lightbox Gallery in June 2020.

Client List

WWF (Wildlife Fund For Nature) 

Erin has been working with WWF UK since 2017 creating prints and illustrations for many product lines. She recently created a set of mono prints and illustrations for a range of four scarves. All promoting the climate crisis. There collection can be viewed here



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